PSE Certification

PSE (Product Safety of Electrical Appliance & Materials) certification  is a mandatory market access standard according to Japanese Electrical Appliances Safety Law. Electrical appliances are classified into “specific electrical appliances” and “non-specific electrical appliances”, of which “specific electrical appliances” contain 116 products, and  “non-specific electrical appliances” contain 341 products.

To enter into Japanese market, products under the “Special Electrical Appliances” catalog must be certified by a third-party certification body authorized by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. PSE marks must be put on the nameplates of the products (as shown below).  

And for those under  “ Non-special Electrical Appliances” catalog, they  must be self-tested and self-declared  to be in compliance with the Japanese electrical equipment technical standards. A round PSE logo need to be attached in the nameplate.( as shown below )

In April 2007, CQC obtained the Authorization of PSE certification from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan, and became the only PSE’s third-party certification body authorized in China, covering 10 categories of specific electrical appliances.