The import and export volume of mineral products has been at the forefront of China-US trades for many years. Relying on the global network of the CCIC Group and referring to the requirements of customers, CCIC Chicago Inc. provides a wide range of mineral products services including:

  • Quality control, quality inspection
  • Supervision of cargo loading and unloading
  • Warehouse survey, stock inspection
  • On-site sampling, ore pile/stack sample preparation
  • Sample mailing, chemical analysis
  • Water gauge weighing, cargo weight monitoring
  • Digital photos, daily inspection report

On the basis of assisting in determining the commercial value of various mineral products, CCIC Chicago Inc. also provides customers with professional cargo damage inspection, ship condition investigation, marine bunker survey and other services.

Mineral products covered in our service include:

  • Ferrous: iron ore, chromium ore, manganese ore, nickel ore, ferroalloy, etc.
  • Non-ferrous: copper / lead / zinc concentrate / ingot, blister copper, electrolytic copper and gold / silver concentrate
  • Energy products: coal, coke, petroleum coke, etc.