The states of West Virginia and Kentucky are currently the largest coal mining areas in the United States. The coal mining areas in Wyoming are also undergoing rapid explosive growth. The amount of coal imported by China from the United States is gradually increasing as the market demands in the current situation. China is not only the world’s largest coal producer, but also the world’s largest coal importer. Imported coal can guarantee Chinese domestic demand for coal during short supply and demand periods, stabilize coal price fluctuations, ease transportation, and solve regional supply-demand imbalances.

The inspections on product safety, hygiene, environmental protection and items related quality, quantity and weight will promote imported coal to comply with Chinese       regulations and assist purchasers in avoiding policy risks, strengthen imported coal quality supervision, improve customs clearance efficiency in order to reduce the cost of storage and transportation of goods.

CCIC Chicago Inc. provides a team composing qualified marine surveyors and samplers to participate in the loading and unloading of products on behalf of the purchaser or seller to ensure the accuracy of the purchased quantity. Our team will obtain typical samples during these processes and perform laboratory analysis on behalf of the purchasers or sellers to help confirm that the products meet the customer’s technical and relevant regulatory requirements, thereby reducing commercial risks in the trading process.