CCIC Chicago Inc. is a member of GAFTA, FOSFA and OTA,qualified as an ISO/IEC 17020 inspection agency, providing services including bulk agricultural products pre-shipment/loading, unloading investigation, inspection, certification and testing, obtaining a CCIC certificate and inspection report will help meet the requirements of relevant Chinese regulations and avoid policy risks, improve the efficiency of customs clearance and reduce the cost of cargo storage and transportation.

CCIC North American agricultural food trade service network is centered in Chicago and covers the entire United States.

  • Bulk agricultural products service includes: wheat, corn, soybeans, sorghum, soybean oil, cotton, etc. Service includes inspection and evaluation services for product quality, hygiene, weight, supervision of loading and unloading, place of origin, animal and plant inspection, pesticide residues, and genetically modified items.  
  • Feed products service include: provide quality and safety risk assessment for DDGS, rice bran, alfalfa grass, meat and bone meal and other products, and provide inspection and evaluation services for genetically modified, weight and quantity.
  • In addition to providing services for the above products, CCIC Chicago Inc. also provides technical support such as interpretation of Chinese national policies, qualification evaluations, and project consultation.