CCIC Chicago Inc.’s tracking and traceability service include: information collection, verification and passing on regarding the commodity origin verification, processing, product quality, logistics and transportation of the goods, product inspection and testing, factory audit and certification, supervision of loading and unloading in the trade process, third-party supervision of key steps, etc.;

Our service covers products in various fields, including food, medicine, agricultural products, wine, tea, handicrafts, industrial products, beauty products, etc.

CCIC Chicago Inc. provides customers with a customized management plan, and a traceability plan according to the industry and product characteristics to meet the following requirements of the project or product:

Anti-counterfeiting requirements

  • Check the authenticity of the merchandise
  • Detect counterfeit products
  • Provide necessary legal documents

Traceability requirements

  • Design uniform identification for different projects/products
  • Identify transportation and distribution routes
  • Ensure the correct product appears in the right place and time

Complete on-site information collection

  • Inform consumers of product series information
  • Help consumers identify fakes products
  • Establish an interactive platform with consumers
  • Carry out data protection

Protect the integrity of files

  • Add data encryption and biometrics
  • Generate digital seal

Achieve the following for project or product:

  • Verification Distinguish between original and reproduction
  • Identification Determine product ownership or property attributes based on the sign/sticker
  • Traceability Ensure product’s tracking and traceability