On-site verification services cover:

  • Legality and authenticity
  • Manufacturer on-site audit 
  • Production capacity on-site audit
  • Quality control and management
  • Service Management

Insurance claims and adjustments services 

In the event of an occurrence of the accident as stipulated in the insurance contract,  CCIC Chicago Inc. provides the following services for the customers: on-site inspections of the insurance object; estimation and adjustment of the damaged insurance object; on-site information collection and inspection on the degree of loss, loss amount, repair possibility and repair status of the insurance object; send sample to the laboratory for inspection; comprehensive accident analysis; determine the repair plan or salvage value solution of affected insurance object; identify the extent and amount of loss; and enterprise asset account verification. CCIC Chicago Inc. undertakes the entrusted business of the insurance company and the entrusted business of the insured.

Product conformity assessment:

Product conformity assessment service refers to the inspection work performed in the manufacturer through product inspections and the compliance review of certified products, as well as batch test products. The purpose is to ensure that the certified product and the qualified sample after the type test also meet the relevant requirements. The manufacturer inspection business is one of CCIC’s most traditional businesses. We have experience in serving many of the world’s top manufacturing companies, and have provided professional and sophisticated services for the large groups of purchasers. Through on-site inspections of the manufacturer, our team members determine the product’s compliance statutes and compare to regulatory standards or commercial agreements, CCIC Chicago Inc. will provide customers with comprehensive customized or regular quality assessment reports.