Frozen and Live Food

The US/China field services provided by CCIC Chicago Inc. include:

  • On-site supervision of loading/unloading of cargo in US/China logistics warehouse
  • Provide on-going temperature monitoring during cargo transportation
  • Provide remote and on-site information and sample collection
  • Provide samples for inspection by local laboratories in the U.S./China
  • Substitution of attendance for necessary business site coordination
  • Provide the goods traceability service

In the current situation, we also provide U.S. domestic business agent services which including:

  • Logistics and cargo tracking service 
  • Assist in finding the high-quality warehouses and logistics companies to supervise goods
  • Assist in the on-site management and on-site verification services in the US/China warehouse
  • Attend necessary tally sites, carry out cargo inventory investigation, quality control and quality verification on behalf of customers

Vegetable, Fruit

The production of fruits and vegetables may be the main challenge faced by companies dealing with fresh agricultural products, especially concerns of pesticide residues, possible heavy metal content and other safety standards, which are all food safety indicators to the public. The production site quality control, sample collection and laboratory sample analysis services provided by CCIC Chicago Inc. will save customers from worries.


  • Provide customized consulting services according to customer requirements
  • Perform on-site inspections on behalf of customers to ensure the accuracy of the quantity and types of goods
  • Assign personnel to supervise the loading/unloading process during shipments
  • Provide complete product traceability services
  • Recommend or contact meat slaughter, processing or storage companies according to customer needs


  • Relevant qualification review of the manufacturer and verification of the manufacturer’s system
  • On-site audit of the manufacturer on behalf of the purchaser
  • On-site evaluation and sampling for suppliers of products, ingredients and auxiliary materials
  • Carry out on-site supervision of manufacturer for manufacturers authorized to produce branded products
  • Carry out product quality control at the production site on behalf of the purchaser