The United States, as the country with the most abundant forest resources in the world, its forests are mainly distributed in 3 regions:

  • From the Rocky Mountains in the west to the Pacific coast, the area is dominated by coniferous forests. The main tree species are Douglas fir, Ponderosa pine, California mountain pine, Engel’s spruce and Colorado fir.
  • South Atlantic and Gulf coast areas, this area is dominated by long-leaf pine, loblolly pine, short-leaf pine (sprouting pine) and slash pine.
  • In the eastern part of the Mississippi River, the main tree species in this area include Quercus, Juglans, Tulip Tree and Sugar Maple, etc.

Currently, the Chinese market is the world’s second largest timber consumer and the largest timber importer. The Chinese market is the largest exporter of U.S. logs and sawn timber. The shortage of world timber resources has made timber resources become the fastest-growing commodity among all others.

In order to prevent the introduction of harmful exotic organismsprotect agricultural and forestry production and ecological safety, CCIC Chicago Inc. pays attention to the original strip inspection, log inspection, sawn timber inspection and on-site supervision of the purchaser at the customer procurement site. The professional timber services provided help to ensure that customers’ timber products comply with international phytosanitary regulations, eliminate hidden dangers of the epidemic, stabilize the order of the timber market, and escort the safety of international trade in the timber market.