As a service provider that provides leading and comprehensive quality service for various industries around the world, during the past 40 years, CCIC has been committed to provide customers with “one-stop” comprehensive solutions in the fields of “quality, safety, health and environmental protection” .

CCIC, as an independent third-party inspection and certification agency with “inspection, identification, certification, testing and consulting services” as main businesses, has established global service networks including more than 200 laboratories and offices in more than 20 countries around the world, and a total of 20,000+ employees. We can provide innovative customized services for customers’ operations and supply chains, and provide testing, inspection and certification services.

With more than 20 years of high-quality service experience, strong technical strength and complete service network, CCIC Chicago Inc. provides customers with fair, fast, reliable and consistent localized services.

  • Inspection – Verify whether the specifications, value and safety of raw materials, products or assets comply with relevant agreements or regulations.
  • Identification Evaluation – Investigate, analyze and judge the disputed products, issue evaluation report; provide objective, fair and authoritative arbitration comments, provide clear evidence or basis, and assist customers in dealing with the relevant conflicts or disputes.
  • Certification – Verify that the products, services and management systems meet the mandatory requirements of relevant technical codes, standard or regulations conformity assessment processes.
  • Testing – Evaluate whether products and services meet or exceed quality, safety, sustainability and other performance standards and regulations.
  • Consulting Services – Provide professional advice and solutions regarding the relevant market access, regulation compliance, supervision and labeling for the enterprises, products and projects in the two-way trade between China and the United States

In order to cooperate with customers to ensure product quality in trade, CCIC Chicago Inc. assists customers to complete the corresponding quality compliance control by different means, systematize, standardize and institutionalize quality assurance activities through certain systems, regulations, methods, procedures, and institutions. The corresponding quality assurance system summarizes all the factors that affect product quality in the entire process of product development, designing and manufacturing, sales services and information feedback, creating a complete quality management system with clear tasks, responsibilities, powers, mutual coordination and mutual improvement. As requested, we also assist our customers to monitor the internal and external quality assurance system, and implement control through the management cycle of plan-implementation-inspection-processing to improve and ensure the quality of products / services / projects.