With the increase in the production of shale oil and shale gas in the United States, as well as the continuous improvement of railway and pipeline transportation facilities, the U.S. has become the world’s largest petroleum and LNG producer, and crude oil exports have continued to increase substantially. As the world’s second largest energy consumer, China is highly dependent on crude oil imports. The amount of crude oil and LNG that China imports from the United States has continued to increase in recent years.

In order to ensure the quality and quantity of crude oil and petroleum products and liquefied natural gas in the course of trading and transportation, CCIC can provide customized services according to customer requirements as follows:

  • Remaining service for crude oil and liquefied natural gas loaded on shore and on oil (gas) tanker/vessels
  • Crude oil, natural gas and chemical inventory remaining service and bunker survey
  • Sample Preparation for crude oil, natural gas and chemical goods
  • Remaining on Board service for vessels