As the global business center and a trusted subsidiary of the China Certification & Inspection Group (CCIC), CCIC Chicago offers Engineering Supervision and Equipment Supervision services, drawing on our 30-year legacy in the industry. We have specialized in ensuring the utmost quality and compliance of engineering projects and equipment all over the world.

Our Services including

  • Engineering Inspection Services/Consultancy
  • Supplier Audit Service
  • Training:
    • Welding Inspector
    • Project Management
    • NDT Personnel Training

Ensuring Excellence & Integrity:

  • Project Oversight: From factory audits and procurement to shipment, CCIC ensures every phase aligns with your expectations. For instance, CCIC conducts thorough audits, oversees material sourcing, and carries out final shipment checks to maintain project integrity from inception to delivery.
  • Quality Control: Through CCIC’s supervision, CCIC ensures manufacturing processes and output comply with the quality criteria, including all specifications and dimensions.
  • Progress Tracking/ Monitoring: Our management services include real-time reporting on project development stages, ensuring deadlines are met and the project remains on course and within budget.
  • Comprehensive Inspections: CCIC performs pre-shipment evaluations, functionality tests, loading and unloading inspections, etc. to reduce risk and confirm product dependability.

Industries Served by CCIC :

  • Petroleum and chemical industry
  • Power industry
  • Railway and urban rail transit industry
  • Metallurgical industry
  • Coal industry
  • Ship and marine industry
  • Port industry
  • Water conservancy industry
  • Environmental protection engineering